Is this device still supported on this website?

I’m having trouble updating the firmware through the utility app. The page on this website that allows you to start a trouble ticket isn’t working for me. The page on this website that allows you to do a manual update of the firmware is 404. I posted about my problem several days ago and have received no response. Is this an abandoned project?


Just checked and found the same thing…404. Hope it doesn’t last. I’m lucky, mine has the latest software, and works well.

Thanks for checking and the reply!

I just read on the FlightBox blog that SSokol is in the process of moving from California to Austin, Tx. Maybe he’s still trying to get organized after the move. He has been very responsive in the past when I’ve needed his expert advice.

Mike R.

Thank Mike! I’ve had an issue once before and he was quick to help then as well. I’m glad to hear it may just be a move that’s keeping him off the air for now. I appreciate it!


My unit failed a few months ago and I wasn’t able to get any response to my requests for help. I went through every trouble shooting issue and found nothing wrong so I just now re-imaged my card and it tells me, “Verifying write failed. Contents of SD card is different from what was written.”

As the OP said, I can’t open a trouble ticket, the Chat button doesn’t exist, and we can’t get phone support without contacting them first. So, unless someone gets back to me at in the next 24 hours I’m going to assume this unit is no longer a viable option and purchase something else.