Best settings for airborne coverage


I am using a dual band FlightBox with a 1090ES transponder in the aircraft. Currently, I have the transponder set for “Dual ADS-B reception”. This effectively filters ADS-R rebroadcast transmissions from the towers for traffic, so all my traffic is air-air reception. WX and other info is received on the 978 UAT freq via the towers. Is this the best transponder setting for total coverage based on user experience to date? In other words, is air-air traffic reception better than ground tower traffic reception? Other option is to set the transponder for “1090 reception only” and get 978 UAT traffic via the ground towers and air-air along with WX, etc. Is receiving ADS-R an advantage over air-air?


Update #1: ForeFlight recommends setting the transponder to indicate DUAL ADS-B IN reception if you have both 1090 and 978 receive capabilities. A customized broadcast from the ground towers will provide TIS-B (ADS-B traffic) on 1090 AND 978, and FIS-B (weather) on 978. Air-Air will still provide direct ADS-B traffic also on 1090 and 978 respectively. I guess the EFB application will handle duplicates. I am still not sure how the ADS-R from the ground towers plays into these transponder settings. My goal is to see ALL traffic that ATC sees, both ADS-B and non ADS-B that is in radar coverage.